Friday, August 17, 2018

4H Summer

 There's been an obvious lack of posts this summer thanks to my phone not cooperating with my USB cord, but I've got one that works now and I have some catching up to do!  The main thing that filled our summer was 4H, starting with our club picnic at the beginning of June.

 In June we also had Survivor Camp, which Alice was excited about being able to attend now!

 One of the camp days the kids got to go swimming.

 The fair also took a huge amount of time.  Both of the kids worked at set up and judging and helped with the make and take table one day.

 This was Alice's first year to be in the regular 4H categories and she did great!  All of her entries but one placed and she has several items going on to state!

 Jack did a great job, too!  He's got several items headed to state, too!

 The fair isn't complete without our annual trip to Village Inn!
 Other than this picture from before they left, I don't have many, but Jack and Jay went to Round Up for the first time in July.

 Record books.  I'll leave it at that.

 Last week were county elections and Jack ran.

The new county reporter!

Many more posts to catch up on and many more fun things ahead!

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Happy Birthday, Jack!

 Somehow my little baby is now 14!

 He and Alice spent most of the weekend at their Nana and Papa's and came home this morning to open gifts.

 All good birthdays have Legos, TMNT, and He-Man!  This was his first birthday in years to not get a Harry Potter book.

 For his Sunday dinner he chose appetizers.

 His one of a kind cake...

 4:30!  Officially 14!

 Birthday selfie with mom!

 He requested ravioli for dinner and we had Cherry Berry for dessert.  Then we had a movie night at home.

We haven't had his party with his friends yet, but we did get together with our old neighbors to celebrate the kids' birthdays!

Happy birthday, Boots!  We love you!

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Happy Birthday, Alice!

 Alice is 9 now!

 She started the day with presents from us and from Jack.
 She had made a card for us, too!

 She wanted to play at the park and splash pad and have a picnic.  Unfortunately, not all of the groceries made it back into the cart and I didn't realize it until we were across town, but at least they had a big bag of chips to snack on!

 She spent the afternoon in puppet camp, which she is loving.  This is the only picture I have because they are keeping the puppets a secret until the performance on Friday.

 3:31:  She's officially 9! (At Target, looking for a friend's birthday gift)

 She requested Arby's for dinner.

 Then we went to the Pop House for popsicles!

 Birthday selfie at the fountains!

 Last week she had a party with her friends.  They made fairy gardens!

 Alice made this frame!

 She decorated her cake, too!

 For her Sunday dinner at my mom and dad's, she picked her usual: popcorn chicken, chips, potatoes, bread, and cottage cheese.

She asked for mayo and candy cigarettes and my sister added an ash tray, which she loved!

Happy birthday, sweet girl!  You are so smart and sweet and funny and we love you so so much!

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

The Last Day of School!

 We wrapped up our last day of school on Friday!
 Lots of changes over this last year--but apparently not Alice's shirt!  haha!

 This was probably our biggest change.  We still miss him so much!

 But we are absolutely loving these two!

 We started the day with our usual signs in the breakfast.

 We had a fun lunch, too!

 That night we went to the graduation ceremony for our 4H president.

 Then we celebrated with popsicles--one of our new favorite treats!

We wrapped up with some time at the fountains.  It was a great way to wrap up what has been a long but good year!

We have had so much going on this month and still have a couple of busy weeks ahead, but I'm hoping to catch up on some posts soon!

Monday, April 30, 2018

Pet Show

Last week we had the annual Pet & Critter Show at 4H.  The boys borrowed their cousin Tangerine's stroller so they could come and watch.
Both kids were on the planning committee and helped with the Cloverbuds show.
Seamus entered the Cutest Pet category and shockingly did not win, in spite of his baby face.  Clearly the judges had a vision problem!
He did really well being out and didn't even wear a harness.
Hobo (represented by his photograph because there was no way I was going to try to wrangle him) won second place for Best Name.
Alice entered the Look Alike category with her pet rock, Randall.
You can see why she won first place!
Neville won second place for Best Dressed.  He was very nervous about being out, but he wore his harness and did a good job!
Showing off her stuffed rabbit, Buttercup.