Friday, April 21, 2017

Happy (Late) Easter!

This post is a little late because we've been busy with 4H sewing...and speaking of 4H, both of the kids have had Easter egg hunts there in the last couple of weeks.  Alice found an egg with money in it--money her brother got from our car.  Ha!
Even the big kids like candy!

At home, Alice helped by filling our eggs.
The kids dyed their eggs while Bobey kept an eye on them!
Easter goodies!

Alice was up about two hours earlier than she normally is!

We made it to 8:00 church!

Apparently we forgot to button Alice's dress.  Thankfully her sweater was long enough to cover it up!
We had Resurrection Rolls for a snack.
Alice was a big help in the kitchen.
She helped with the tea and food and set the tables!
I'm so glad to have plenty of room in the kitchen again!

Jay's family came over for dinner and the kids hunted eggs.
Jack was nice enough to let the girls find most of them!
Checking out their eggs!

It was a great day!

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

The Princess Package

 Last Friday night Jack was away at a 4H camp, so Alice and I hit the mall.  She had a great time going to all the stores she wanted to.  She got some cute clothes and bought herself some pompom earrings at Claire's, too.

 Saturday morning it was time for the Princess Package!  Alice has been wanting to do this for the longest time!

 It was definitely time for a haircut!

 There goes the pony tail!

 They had so much fun!

 She got a braid...

 ...and color and glitter!

 They also got crowns!

 They wrapped up with a manicure.

 Pretty princesses!

She wore some of her new clothes to church Sunday.  I love her new haircut!

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Vet School Open House

Saturday we went to the Vet School open house at OSU.  There are only 30 vet schools in the country, so it's a neat opportunity to have one so close!
They had a K9 demonstration by the Stillwater Police.
We also watched presentations on clicker training and agility.
Inside there were lots of fun things for the kids to see and do!
A painted horse!
Here they had to feel around to see if they could figure out what each animal had swallowed.
This was a really interesting station where you could see a scene as you saw it and then as different animals would see it.
Alice's favorite was the teddy bear surgery.  Each kid could pick a stuffed animal and decide what was wrong with it.  Here she's helping give her rabbit anesthesia.
All ready for surgery!
She was doing stomach surgery because her rabbit had eaten some Starbursts.
Then they stitched them back up and the kids got to take the animals home!
Checking out a pregnant'm not really sure what all parts were included there.  Alice couldn't eat her hot dog after this because she kept thinking of it!
They do this each year, so we'll definitely go again!

Monday, April 3, 2017

The Golden Ticket

 Friday night we went to see friends in the play of Willy Wonka.  At the concession table they were selling Wonka Bars--and five of them had a golden ticket!

 We bought a couple of bars for each kid and none of them had a golden ticket.  Jack talked me in to buying one more from the candy cart.

 And it had a golden ticket!

 They were all pretty excited!

Their prize!  It was a great part of a great evening!

Medieval Fair

 Friday morning we made a quick trip to Norman for the Medieval Fair!

 As always, the first stop was the trampolines!

 And we always have to see the animals, too!

 We spotted a leopard gecko like Leah, too!

We did manage to see some actual medieval things, too!