Thursday, February 15, 2018

Wichita (Day 2)

 We started out our second day at the Museum of World Treasures.

 They've got just about everything there!

 Alice was really interested in the mummies.

 Looking presidential!

 There's just so much to do and see there!

 In the afternoon we visited the Sedgwick County Zoo.

 I'm pretty sure we took a picture with just about every statue they had!

 And of course we saw the real animals, too!

 I love watching the otters!

We made it home that evening, very tired!  We had a great time, though, and I would love to go back to Wichita and explore some more!

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Wichita (Day 1)

 Back at the end of September we went to Wichita for a couple of days to get away.  We started off at Exploration Place.

 They had a super hero exhibit there at the time.

 They had lots of fun super hero challenges you could try!

 One of their permanent features is a huge castle area.

 You're never too old for the water table!


 Also included there is mini golf right by the river!

 We spent the afternoon at Cowtown.

 The train depot.

 Playing checkers!

 The streets look just like an old town!

 The kids loved the rope swing.

 Their favorite thing was the school, though!


 Since we'd never been to Wichita before, I wasn't sure where to get a hotel.  The one we chose was nice, but clearly wasn't intended as a family destination.  The hot tub had a limit of 4 people and the pool wasn't a whole lot bigger!

Friday, February 2, 2018

Artist Study: Matisse (Again)

 We're back to our artist studies and revisiting the artists we've covered before since it's been several years.  In January we studied Matisse.

 We're still combining our artist studies with tea time, which is always fun (and yummy).

 The books we used!  The kids have seen several of his works in person at the Van Gogh to Rothko exhibit and The Paley Collection exhibit at Crystal Bridges.

 We spent several weeks working on these cut out collages.

 Their finished projects!

 They used saran wrap on wet paint to get a neat watery look.

 We also used these collage papers we got when we went to see a Matisse exhibit about an year and a half ago at the OKCMOA.  I was surprised I could still find them easily!

 Alice decided to make her own Matisse inspired collage one morning!

 Because we were getting moved in to the new house at the time we went to see Matisse in His Time at the OKCMOA, I never got around to posting pictures on the blog.

 They had many of his paintings.

 My favorites were the collages, though!

Look at how little they look!!  Now we're on to Norman Rockwell for February!