Sunday, July 31, 2016

Jack's Story Time

 In 4H, each child has a project area that they work on through the year.  Jack's project area was Companion Animals, and he mostly focused on dogs.  Last week he hosted a dog themed story time for some young friends.

 He made puppy chow for a snack.

 He showed them Hobo--through the glass, since Hobo's is twice their weight!

 He read dog books, like Dog's Colorful Day, which we own because we had to check it out of the library so many times after he heard it at story time one day.

 He did a great job!

Alice also read a story from Owl at Home!

Saturday, July 30, 2016


 July has been sooo busy!  Not with moving, like we had hoped, but that should be happening shortly.  Here are some of the other fun things we did, like picking blueberries!

 We went to a craft day at 4H so the kids could work on fair entries and Jack got to try out the wood burner.

 Alice finished her first piece of knitting and decided it made a good dog scarf.

 She got these glasses in a party favor bag and proceeded to take about 20 of the selfies on the way home.  I love them.

 My sweet boy at the Mom & Son Luau!

 We're not living at the new house yet, but ALF is there already, adjusting to his new surroundings.

 Sweet dog!


 Our friends held some science days at their house with all kinds of fun activities like these bubble snakes!

 One night Alice and I were at the new house and I let her get soaked in the sprinklers--which I'm fine with now that they aren't septic sprinklers!  Once she came inside I realized the only dry clothes she had there were either too small or out of season, so she went home like this--plus the plastic dress up high heels she had worn on the way.

 You're never too old for Build A Bear!

Snow cones!

August is going to be full with moving and music camps and getting ready for school to start, but hopefully we'll keep having fun!

Friday, July 29, 2016

Tulsa County Fair

 Last week the kids entered many of the things they've made over the last year in the Tulsa County Fair.  They both entered in Open Class and in the 4H division and won lots of ribbons--too many to post pictures of them all!

 Alice's bee Valentine won first place in Open Class.

 Her headband won second place in Open Class.

 She won many blue ribbons in the Cloverbud class.  This is the dress she made for the Fashion Revue in the spring. 
 She made this fabric basket in a sewing class.

 This was an art project we did for our Rousseau artist study!

 Jack won first place in Open Class for his Ginny stuffie!

 A third place in Open Class for recycled crafts--he made this in Survivor Camp!

 His BB8 Valentine is going on to State!

 Second place for his Harry Potter embroidery he made in sewing class.

 A second place for his fabric basket.

 Third place in Open Class for his fox stuffie--the very first thing he sewed in class last fall!

 His terrarium is going to state, too--after we replant the dead one!

 They had a display about Survivor Camp with lots of fun pictures and crafts they made.

 Feeding the goats!

 On the second day, both kids participated in a fashion show where they shared about things they had made.

 Jack talked about his Harry Potter stuffies since they both won first place!

 Friday night there was an ice cream social with games and other fun stuff.

 Jack was obsessed with this game.

By the time the night was over, he had a HUGE pile of bugs and even got to bring home the box.

I'm so proud of how hard both kids worked on their entries and I'm so glad they had so much fun.  They are already thinking ahead to next year!

Basket Making

 Last month Jack had the opportunity to make his own basket at a 4H class.

 We tried this a couple of years ago at an event, but this time they had a few more options with colors.

 While the older kids worked on their baskets, the Cloverbuds got to make different crafts.  They did clay...

 ...and beads...

...and made pictures with food!

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

The Fourth (and Third) of July

 We began our July 4th celebrations on the third.  The kids took the shopping cart and headed to the fireworks stand.

 We did some smoke bombs and small things.

 After a while, the storms came in and we had to stop.

 We did get to see a pretty rainbow!

 Poor Hobo doesn't like storms or fireworks, so it was a rough night for him.  He and I spent quite a bit of time hanging out in the garage.

 On Monday we went to Jay's sister's house.

 I'm not sure how it happened so quickly that he became the big kid instead of the one getting the ride.
 We did a few small things before it got dark.

 Jack loves to light things and is very good about getting back quickly.  I'm not sure what his legs are doing in this picture, though!

 I took Jay home (where he tended to Hobo for the evening) and then came back for more fireworks--and some driving fun!

 Setting out the fireworks

 Ready for the show!

As you can tell from the debris, we had quite the show!