Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Zoo Camp Week

 Last Sunday night we hit the road for Oklahoma City for a week at zoo camp.

 Jack's camp was Zootastic Careers and Alice's was Vet McStuffins.

 We had to be there by 8:00 each morning, which is crazy early for us, but we made it and they had a great time!

 They had a great time swimming at the hotel.

 They did lots of handstand practice!

 And lots of dramatic jumps!

 Monday night we went to Pops for dinner.

 Tuesday we went to Andy Alligator's...

 ...and Elevation.

 Wednesday we went to the water park at Andy Alligator's.  The kids loved the slides!

 This one was so fast!

 Thursday was my birthday, and I got a good shady spot in the pick up line!

 We spent some time at the zoo.

 Then we went over to the science museum.

 Alice loves to play in the rock area.

 We all laughed so hard at this!

Birthday selfie!

Friday we headed home after camp was out and Jay surprised me with a birthday dinner!  We had a great time--big thanks to Jay for holding down the fort with all the house stuff and pet duties! 

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