Saturday, January 30, 2016

Fun Friday

 Yesterday--for the first time in waaaaay too long--we took a Fun Friday.  We headed to Jasmine Moran with absolutely no educational objectives and just the plan to have fun.

 The last time we were here was about a year and a half ago, but Alice still remembered the car and was very excited to get to work on it again.

It was pretty much perfect all around!
It was so nice to have a day just to ourselves with no other obligations.  For the last year and a half we've had so many other things going on and over the last couple of weeks I've finally decided we may need to let some of those things go soon.  I'm so glad for the chance to do it now, even if it's just for the day!

Monday, January 18, 2016

First Folio

 Last week we visited the Sam Noble Museum to see the First Folio.

 This book was put together a few years after Shakespeare's death by some fellow actors and if they hadn't put this folio together, there are 18 of his plays we wouldn't have today!

 It's open to Hamlet.
 It's a small display with the book and several panels explaining about the folios and why they're important.  The kids liked this one that showed different actors in Shakespearean roles.
 They also had some costumes on display!  

There are some different activities scheduled throughout the month, so you might want to check their calendar before you visit--unless you're like us and go because you're already going to be in town for zoo class!

Sunday, January 17, 2016

So Far

 This year has gotten off to a busy start, so here's a quick post of some of the things we've done so far!  One day we went to lunch at Chuck E Cheese with some friends and the kids were totally glad to dance with the giant mouse so they could grab the tickets he would throw at the end of the dance.

 They pooled all their tickets and shared their prizes.

 Alice took another sewing class where she made this cute skirt!

 We took a field trip to Gilcrease during our artist study on Winslow Homer.

 The kids started playing basketball!  Sadly, this is the best shot of them I got before their first practices.

 Alice is the only girl on her team, but that doesn't seem to bother her.

 In Jack's age group they are playing full court.
 We took a little road trip to OKC.

 He said he had a plan....and it still looks very much like this a week later!  It is easier to dig through, though...

 Cozy nights!

 At Cloverbuds the kids learned about Chinese New Year and made noisemakers.

Last week the kids camped out in the living room for a couple of nights.  I *love* not having wood floors!
 Alice lost her third tooth!

We took my grandma out to lunch and when we got back, the kids enjoyed riding on her walker on the way back to her apartment!

We've got a really, really, really busy couple of months ahead, but there are lots of fun things and after getting through these first couple of weeks, I'm even hopeful that it's all going to be manageable!

Friday, January 8, 2016

Bobey Day 2016

 Yesterday was Bobey Day, and he got to celebrate in his favorite way: Getting up early for some breakfast and then going back to bed.

 He stayed in bed most of the morning.

 He did finally get up and play with his ball toy.

And last night Jay made him a new house, so it doesn't get much better than that!

Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy 2016!

 We started our celebrations early again with the Noon Year's Eve party at our children's museum.  (And a HUGE Thank You to my friend Becky, who was our ride to the party when Jay had car trouble and had to take mine!)

 Alice's hat!

 Jack's hat--he really wasn't forlorn, but the hat was taped to his head and face so he couldn't be very expressive!
 He was one of the winners of the crazy hat contest!
 With his prize

 At noon, the balloons dropped!

 See that girl in the pink?  That's what I felt like doing.  As soon as the balloons came down, the popping sounds started.  They were still going--constantly--15 minutes later when we left.

 We did our traditional New Year's Eve bags in the evening.  We don't have a nice mantle to put them on this year, but we still had a good time!

 I decorated with lots of pictures from the year--and this time I don't have to take them down right away for a showing!

 At 5:00 we started with a Find the Difference puzzle.

 At 6:00 we did some questions about the past year.

 We also looked through the Memory Jar.
 Alice with a shell she had put in the jar this year

 I also used my Christmas present from Jay to make pizza dough for dinner.  This thing is like something from The Jetsons!

 At 7:00 we did a photo scavenger hunt.  I put 10 pictures for each kid on a certain color of paper and then Jay hid them for the kids to find.

 They had a lot of fun with it!

 We also did our photo booth then!

 At 8:00 we did the Minute to Win It games, which are always a huge hit.  First the kids had to suck up candy with a straw and it put it around the plate.

 Next they had to move cotton balls from one bowl to another without using their hands--and with vaseline on their noses.

 Trying to balance dice on a popsicle stick in her mouth

 Shooting down the cups with rubber bands

 Making towers with the cups--not part of the plan, but fun anyway!

 Around this time we noticed that Bobe was sacked out on his new blanket on Alice's doll bunk bed!

 The next Minute to Win It game got messy!

 They had to see how many cheese balls they could get to stick in the shaving cream on the other person's shower cap!

 9:00 was ice cream sundaes and The Simpsons.

 At 10:00 we made party slime.

 We had to add more glue than the recipe called for, but we finally got it to work!

 At 11:00 we played Rapidoodle.

 Everyone has four of the same shape and they try to make four unique doodles with them.

 A little before 12:00 the kids opened Magformers, which have been a big hit today.  (I got these quite a bit cheaper on one of the homeschool sale sites earlier this year!)

 Both kids made it to midnight again this year!

Happy New Year!