Monday, January 18, 2016

First Folio

 Last week we visited the Sam Noble Museum to see the First Folio.

 This book was put together a few years after Shakespeare's death by some fellow actors and if they hadn't put this folio together, there are 18 of his plays we wouldn't have today!

 It's open to Hamlet.
 It's a small display with the book and several panels explaining about the folios and why they're important.  The kids liked this one that showed different actors in Shakespearean roles.
 They also had some costumes on display!  

There are some different activities scheduled throughout the month, so you might want to check their calendar before you visit--unless you're like us and go because you're already going to be in town for zoo class!

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Danielle said...

I am really glad we went during the activities. The boys did not care about the folio much. Ha. Two guys attacking each other though? They loved that. They did not even seem to mind the lecture on sword fighting of the time before the fight.