Saturday, April 30, 2016

4H Fashion Revue

 The kids have spent the last couple of months getting ready for the 4H Fashion Revue.  Jack decided to make this costume for his Nana and Papa's dog, Popcorn.

 This was a pretty difficult pattern compared to anything else he's made before!

 Adding the fringe to the vest!

 The Cloverbuds got to enter things, too, so Alice made a t-shirt dress.

 She even got to use the serger!

 Last week we took it out for Popcorn to try on.

 It looked great!

 Last night was the Fashion Revue.  The kids showed their items to the judges and answered questions.

 Showing her skirt

 Answering questions about his costume

 Showing his drawstring bag

 First place!!

 After the judging, the kids walked across the stage and showed their items off.

 Jack got to pick two prizes (one from the first place table for the costume, and one from the third place table for his bag!), so he gave one to Alice.  Sweet boy!

Showing off their ribbons!  They did a great job!

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Artist Study: Rene Magritte

 In October we learned about Rene Magritte!

 Books we used:

 This project from Relentlessly Fun, Deceptively Educational was my favorite one we did for this study!

 These self portraits turned out nicely!

I liked the idea this blogger had for re-creating Magritte's "The Future of Statues", but I'm also a little short on places to store two mannequin heads, so first the kids made faces from model magic and then painted them.

I think this was one of my favorite artist studies we've done over the last several years.  There are some great books and fun projects!

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Sewing Fun

 Last year we got Alice a sewing machine for her birthday and it seems to kind of be like when we got Jack a few of the new minifigures line that had just come out.  This is a very common sight around here these days!

A little while back, she was sick for a few days, and while we were stuck at home,she sewed pretty much constantly.

 Her glasses case

 Her doll

 She sewed four pillow cases together to make a giant body pillow--it's really comfortable!

 Her wall hanging--she uses this every night to hold her glasses case and other things!  She's also made snack bags and a fanny pack.

 She's been looking at Pinterest for ideas she can do with fat quarters and she found this business card holder.  (She also made this cute reversible messenger bag, but somehow I don't have any pictures!)

 This week she made tissue holders for my grandma and her friend.

 She made this shopping list for me after looking through some project books.

 Jack has been sewing, too--they made these Harry Potter stuffies at a class, and he's going to do some more this summer.

Yesterday they made these fabric baskets--I am hoping they can teach me how to make them!

Many more sewing pictures will be coming next weekend.  The 4H Fashion Revue is Friday night and both of the kids have been working hard on some really awesome projects!

Friday, April 22, 2016

Harn Homestead Land Run

 Yesterday we went to a land run field trip at Harn Homestead in Oklahoma City.

 We did a land run at our house a couple of years ago and Alice is always asking when we can do it again, so I'm glad we finally got to!

 Harn Homestead is right in the middle of the city--if you look to the south, you see Devon Tower...

 ...and the Capitol to the north!

 The kids rotated through different sessions, like old-fashioned games.

 Jack used his old sack racing skills!

 They made rope!

 Learning how to set up a shelter

 They made flags to use when they did the land run.

 Almost time...


 On their claims!

 After staking their claims, they had to go get their registration papers.

 They're official!

 Learning about the general store

 Pretty girl!  I'm glad she could still fit into this dress!

 We had a good time!
Since we were so close, we stopped by the science museum before heading home!