Sunday, April 24, 2016

Sewing Fun

 Last year we got Alice a sewing machine for her birthday and it seems to kind of be like when we got Jack a few of the new minifigures line that had just come out.  This is a very common sight around here these days!

A little while back, she was sick for a few days, and while we were stuck at home,she sewed pretty much constantly.

 Her glasses case

 Her doll

 She sewed four pillow cases together to make a giant body pillow--it's really comfortable!

 Her wall hanging--she uses this every night to hold her glasses case and other things!  She's also made snack bags and a fanny pack.

 She's been looking at Pinterest for ideas she can do with fat quarters and she found this business card holder.  (She also made this cute reversible messenger bag, but somehow I don't have any pictures!)

 This week she made tissue holders for my grandma and her friend.

 She made this shopping list for me after looking through some project books.

 Jack has been sewing, too--they made these Harry Potter stuffies at a class, and he's going to do some more this summer.

Yesterday they made these fabric baskets--I am hoping they can teach me how to make them!

Many more sewing pictures will be coming next weekend.  The 4H Fashion Revue is Friday night and both of the kids have been working hard on some really awesome projects!

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