Friday, April 22, 2016

Harn Homestead Land Run

 Yesterday we went to a land run field trip at Harn Homestead in Oklahoma City.

 We did a land run at our house a couple of years ago and Alice is always asking when we can do it again, so I'm glad we finally got to!

 Harn Homestead is right in the middle of the city--if you look to the south, you see Devon Tower...

 ...and the Capitol to the north!

 The kids rotated through different sessions, like old-fashioned games.

 Jack used his old sack racing skills!

 They made rope!

 Learning how to set up a shelter

 They made flags to use when they did the land run.

 Almost time...


 On their claims!

 After staking their claims, they had to go get their registration papers.

 They're official!

 Learning about the general store

 Pretty girl!  I'm glad she could still fit into this dress!

 We had a good time!
Since we were so close, we stopped by the science museum before heading home!

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