Saturday, March 1, 2014

Pioneer Kids

 Today we went to a Laura Ingalls Wilder event at one of our local libraries.  They do this each year, but the last time we went was four years ago.

The dress she wore is the one my mom made for me when I was her age.  According to the date on this picture, it was about two months before I turned 5 and Alice will be 5 in three months!

 They listened to some stories and a lady from the historical society brought some things for them to pass around.

 While they listened, they passed the jar to make butter.

 And they had some yummy gingerbread again!

 The kids got to make buttons based on the stamp for Little House on the Prairie.

 They also made paper dolls, which Jack made sporting authentic pioneer tie-dye.

 Alice with her doll!

Afterward we stopped by McDonald's for some ice cream and playing and I laughed every time I looked up and saw a pioneer girl in the climber!

If you have boys that don't want to read a girly book like the Little House books, check out Little Britches, which is the true story of a boy and his family who move to Colorado in the early 1900s to start a ranch.  This is such a good book!  (Bold and italics, people!)  There is some language and graphic stuff like animals dying and I have a sinking feeling the ending is going to be terribly sad based on the chapter titles, but it is  It's actually the first in a series and I've already ordered books two and three we have enjoyed the first one so much!

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