Sunday, March 30, 2014

Artist Study: Renoir

We just finished up our artist study on Pierre-Auguste Renoir.
Of course we used our favorite biography!

And we used our other favorites, too.
I just got this book and it's going to get a lot of use!  (Also, I'm having an online Usborne party right now, so if you want to order, let me know!)

Alice is a little old for the Sharing with Renoir book, but we looked through it for the pictures anyway.  I found this Art Around the World in the Time of Renoir book at the library and it was neat to see all the other kinds of art being made at the same time.

I picked this book up a while back at Half Price Books, which is a great place to find good deals on art and artist books!
This Smart About Art book was another HPB find!

We used this project from Art Projects for Kids to draw like Renoir!
We'll wrap up our artist studies for the year with Leonardo da Vinci!

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