Saturday, March 8, 2014

Awesome Australia

 Yesterday morning we left bright and early for a homeschool zoo class in Oklahoma City.

 All of the class pictures are from Alice's class since that was the one I went to.  They had classes for Pre-K through 6th grades, all about Australia.

 In Alice's class they talked about the ocean and Alice got to be the model for what you would need to swim in the ocean.

 She thought it was so fun!

 After class we spent some time at the zoo.

 Somehow we had never done the Explorikeet Adventure, so we tried it!

 This one took the lid off my nectar container all by himself!

 Alice wasn't completely sure what to think.

 Jack loved it!

 Since it was supposed to be warm, I had packed a picnic lunch, but it was so chilly we ate in the car!

 Thankfully it warmed up later in the afternoon!

 We met friends at the park and played quite a while.  The we checked into the hotel and swam.  The kids were super excited because Jay came, too!

 After swimming, I went to get dinner and when I came back, Alice had already passed out!

 Jack ate his taco in bed.

This morning we checked out and continued out fun--to be continued in another post soon!  Alice got this little baby doll backpack with wheels this week at a consignment sale and I think it might be the best $5 she's ever spent.  She loved wheeling her baby (named Angela) around!

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Kendra said...

Oo, pesky lorikeets! We had one, which was someone's pet & showed up on our door. He could talk, & his favourite thing to do was get into what I was cooking & then scream "Get out of the kitchen" at me.