Friday, June 30, 2017


Before I get started on all the different June posts, here are a bunch of random pictures from throughout the month--starting with one from the evening the kids had their pictures made.
Playing with one of the chicken coop kittens at 4H
YFR end of year picnic
The kids made pop bottle lamps at 4H.
We need to finish up the trim on the shades and they are going to look great!
I spent a Saturday with friends in Stillwater for the 4H Parent Volunteer Conference.
Jack spent a couple of nights at 4H Multi County Camp and we all went together to drop him off.
We had to stop for breakfast before hitting the road!
By his bunk
In front of his cabin at Osage Hills State Park
After we got him settled, the rest of us went on to the Pioneer Woman's Mercantile in Pawhuska.  The blueberry lemonade was delicious!
There are lots of toads around here lately--in fact, as I was typing this, Jack delivered one to the safety of the front yard so Hobo wouldn't get it!
There are also quite a few tiny frogs!

One evening Jack and his friend convinced us we should let them play the prize claw at WalMart.
Jack got three stuffed animals right away and eventually got a fourth!
One morning before camp, they decided to go shopping at a garage sale down the street.  These two are always finding funny things to do!
We visited Linnaeus Teaching Gardens one morning.
Father's Day with Dad!
Father's Day with Grandpa!
Alice has enjoyed playing in the sprinkler...
...and Hobo likes to join her.
He can't quite make it over the sprinkler ball.
It's hard to look dignified when you're stuck.
When we get some free time we're still reading lots of books together--and Boris always likes to join in!

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Back Yard Camping

 Before it got too hot we decided to have a camp out in our back yard.  We had the perfect evening for it!

 The kids draped blankets and sheets all over our new climbing dome to make a tent!

We brought out the air mattresses and they were ready to go.

 Hobo was SO excited about this!  He would not leave his blanket, even for Jay!

Almost lights out!

 The kids slept great, but Hobo and I hardly slept at all.  I was sure he'd start barking at something or go dig and I pretty much kept a hand on him all night.  Every time he moved, I'd wake up!

Even though the sleep was terrible, it was fun!

Friday, June 16, 2017


 We had over a week of celebrations for the kids' birthdays.  No wonder I'm always tired when it's over!  We celebrated Alice's birthday at my mom and dad's the day before her actual birthday.

 For her birthday meal she chose Charlie's chicken, mashed potatoes, and rolls.

 In the middle of the week we met up with our old neighbors for a birthday lunch!

 The next Sunday was Jack's birthday meal, and he chose sushi.  (The rest of us had pizza.)

 He wanted an ice cream cake, but it didn't come with decorations, so he put "Jack Copyright 2004" on it!

 We wrapped up the celebrations with Jack's party this week at Dave and Buster's.

 The view from the other end, so I could make sure to get everyone!  These are all such great kids!

 They all had a great time playing games!

 He wanted donuts instead of a cake.

 He asked if they could make Steven Universe and sushi donuts.  They did a great job!

 This book was so funny!

 One of his friends made him a sculpture!  It was amazing!


Thanks to everyone for helping us celebrate.  We're so fortunate to have such great people in our lives!

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Jackabooter Turns Thirteen!

If you know Jack, you know that this was probably the biggest surprise he could have gotten for his birthday.  He got his first Harry Potter book when he turned 8 and has gotten the next one each year on his birthday.  (9, 10, 11, and 12 posts!)  This year we decided he could have the last two at once, so he was surprised when he got up at 5:30 and saw them.
A couple of hours later I let him wake up Jay and Alice and he opened his presents from us.  He got some books...
...and some toys and a CD player and concert tickets.  He was one excited kid!
He and I went to see the latest Pirates of the Caribbean movie together.
Not too old to take a selfie with his mom!
We stopped by Petsmart and he found a rock on the poop bag dispenser.  This was his second rock of the week!
Official 4:30 picture!
We went out for sushi for supper.
Playing in the fountains after dinner
Family selfie!
We wrapped up the evening with the first Harry Potter movie!

It's hard to believe that tiny little baby is a teenager now!  Thankfully he's still sweet!
Happy birthday, Jackabooter!  We love you!