Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Happy 11th Birthday, Jack!

 Today was Jack's 11th birthday!

 We actually started celebrating last week, when he had friends over for a party.  Unfortunately, I didn't take many pictures, but they had a good time.  He had Star Wars themed food that must have been tasty because it was all gone by the end of the party--or we've reached the age when they're eating everything in sight.

 Of course, there were water balloons!

 Remember that video of that awesome water balloon filler that went around on Facebook a while back?  You can buy them now!  They did around 500 balloons and I didn't have to tie a single one.  It was well worth the money!

 Opening presents


 I hesitate to post this for fear it will end up on Cake Wrecks, but this is my take on the Sarlacc cake Jack requested.  

 Jack wanted to do a Punch It game, so we came up with the idea of putting prizes in plastic cups and putting tissue paper over them.  Everyone got to punch a cup to get their prize.

 Today Jack was up (before) bright and early.  When I got up at 5:15, he had already been up reading his next Harry Potter book.

 Hanging out with Hobo

 He was ready for everyone else to get up so he could open his presents.

 He got a book about He-Man art...

 ...and some Star Wars Lego sets.

 He was pretty excited!

 Alice made him a TMNT card.

 After VBS we went to Incredible Pizza for lunch.

 They let Jack spin the birthday wheel!

 He loves the Wizard of Oz game.

 The official 4:30 photo!

 Last week Jack had saved up enough money to order the Kwik E Mart set, but he was not thrilled about the 3-8 business day wait for it to arrive.  I got an email yesterday saying it had shipped, so I told him it would probably be a few more days.  We were just getting ready to sit down to dinner when the FedEx man arrived.  He was thrilled!

 Jay's parents came over for dinner to celebrate the kids' birthdays.

 One happy boy!  As of 11:45 pm, he has both Star Wars sets built!

Happy birthday, Jack!  You are such an awesome boy and I am so glad I'm your mom!  We love you so much!

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