Friday, June 26, 2015

Alice's Sewing Camp

 This week Alice went to a sewing camp called "Make a Stuffie a Day" at a local sewing shop.

 Each day they picked a different stuffed animal to make.

 I wasn't sure how she would like it since she's never done anything like this before and she was the youngest one in the class and didn't know anyone else.

 She did a great job, though, and she had a blast!
 Tuesday she made a bunny.

On the second day she brought her own machine to work on!
 Wednesday she made a penguin.

 Thursday she made an owl and she finished so fast she was able to help others with their stuffing!

 Today she made a bear and finished in time to add a bow and an apple.

All of her stuffies together!

If you are local and have a child who is interested in sewing I would definitely recommend Owl & Drum.  The teacher was so nice and so patient and Alice enjoyed it so much she said she would like to go there every day!

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