Friday, June 5, 2015

Happy 6th Birthday, Alice!

 Alice was SO excited about her birthday this year!

 She had some friends over for a monkey birthday party yesterday.

 I was thinking something was missing.  Turns out sandwiches are good with something besides bread!

 I was so excited to find that my cake pan was not in the storage, but I never thought to check all of my decorating stuff.  At about 10:00 the night before, I realized it had all been packed!

 This morning she opened her presents from us.

 A new sewing machine and a Hello Kitty DS game!

 We had a quick snacky breakfast...

because she wanted to go blueberry picking!
 She got a Happy Birthday serenade in the middle of the blueberry bushes!

 Playing around after picking!

 Our next stop was IHOP for a bigger breakfast.

 This afternoon we tried out her new machine.  It is really cool!

 At 3:31, she officially became a six year old!

 She had swimming this evening.

And there was a stop at Cherry Berry afterward!

I think she had a pretty great birthday.  Tonight at bedtime she told me she "got happier and happier any time someone said, 'Happy Birthday!'" to her.  Happy Birthday, Alice June!  You are the sweetest, smartest, strongest, funniest, most creative girl I know and we love you so much!

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