Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

 I failed to take pictures before we started trick or treating, but we had a pharaoh...

 ...and a witch.

 I am quite possibly the worst Halloween photographer ever.  98% of my pictures look like impressionist paintings, so these here are the few that turned out okay.

 We went trick or treating with friends since we don't live in a neighborhood.

 Smoke machine!

 When we got back to their house I remembered to take a picture before Alice got into her jammies.  She was so tired, but she did a great job!

 Jack and the traditional candy dump picture--177 pieces this year!

 Then they got to work sorting it.  He got some really good stuff this year!

Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 28, 2013


 Yes, again.  I am so thankful for lower gas prices lately.

 Yesterday we went to Oklahoma City for a birthday party, so since we were already making the trip, we decided to go to Pumpkinville.

 The children's garden is full of fun stuff for the kids to do!

 Bean bag toss!

 Pumpkin bowling--this was a strike!

 Alice didn't get a strike, but she didn't bust the pumpkin open either, so I think it was a success.

 The kids with Mother Nature.

 Jack is always up for a good sack race.  He tried to get Alice to race him around the entire garden instead of between the two cones they had set up, but she wasn't that into it.

 They had different props to try on for the picture frame.

 Do you see the Vincent Van Gogh scarecrow?

 We had a really fun time!

 Afterward we had lunch at Zio's and walked along the river.

 Feeding the ducks

Playing a bit before heading to the party.

It was a long day!  I *think* we're done with road trips for at least a couple of weeks!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Pumpkin Hunt 2013

 Alice was excited about going to this year's pumpkin hunt, but she was also exhausted from a sleepover at Grandma and Grandpa's the night before.

 She perked up once we got there, though.

 The ball fields are divided into age groups and there are tons of orange Easter eggs with candy and all the kids run for it.  It takes about three minutes.

 Ready to go!

 And she's off!  Jack was just about as excited and trying to tell her where to go.

 They also had little monsters and glow sticks!

Not bad for a few minutes' work!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A Day in Stillwater

 You know what this kind of picture means, right?  We took a little road trip to Stillwater today for an upcoming MetroFamily article.

 Our first stop was Eskimo Joe's.  Right after I took this picture a school bus pulled up and Jack hightailed it right inside and asked for a table before the kids could get off the bus.

 Next we went to the Wondertorium.  This is such a fun place, but we hadn't made it back since our last trip two years ago, so it was nice to spend the afternoon there.

 I hope Alice is this excited about doing the laundry for real some day.

 Jack loves wheelchairs.

 Alice also enjoyed the store area as the cashier...

 ...and the customer.

 There was a group of little old ladies from a nursing home there to teach kids how to knit.  Jack sat with them for a while and actually knitted a little strip a couple of inches long--which means he is a much better knitter than his mother!

 Someone's going to be hitting her father up for a job in a few years.

 They also had a homeschool presentation on chemistry today.  I am pretty sure this is the expression I wore the entire time I was in chemistry in 11th grade.

 They did several experiments with baking soda and vinegar.

 They loved the dry ice.

 Glow in the dark hands!

 Later we made a stop at the Sheerar Museum.

 They have a huge button display--Alice thought Corduroy would have liked it.

 They have all kinds of stuff there related to Payne County and Stillwater, including the weirdest class yell I've ever heard.

 For supper we went to the original Hideaway.

 After dinner we walked around campus for a bit before our drive back home.

We had a great day!