Monday, October 28, 2013


 Yes, again.  I am so thankful for lower gas prices lately.

 Yesterday we went to Oklahoma City for a birthday party, so since we were already making the trip, we decided to go to Pumpkinville.

 The children's garden is full of fun stuff for the kids to do!

 Bean bag toss!

 Pumpkin bowling--this was a strike!

 Alice didn't get a strike, but she didn't bust the pumpkin open either, so I think it was a success.

 The kids with Mother Nature.

 Jack is always up for a good sack race.  He tried to get Alice to race him around the entire garden instead of between the two cones they had set up, but she wasn't that into it.

 They had different props to try on for the picture frame.

 Do you see the Vincent Van Gogh scarecrow?

 We had a really fun time!

 Afterward we had lunch at Zio's and walked along the river.

 Feeding the ducks

Playing a bit before heading to the party.

It was a long day!  I *think* we're done with road trips for at least a couple of weeks!

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