Friday, October 18, 2013

The Fashion Plate

 Alice has a lot of clothes and she loves to get dressed.  Every night she sets her outfit for the next day on her chair so she can be dressed as early as possible.  Sometimes her choices look fairly normal.

 Sometimes she gets into the accessories.  Who doesn't need three bows in their hair?  Why should you ever wear that necklace when you wear the dress it came with?

Multiple headbands = extra style.
Sometimes she goes with a theme, like flowers.
Or stripes.
Or tiers.
And sometimes she just puts together random pieces she likes.
As you can see, her fashion sense doesn't stop when the day is over.

Yes, I do let her go places in her outfits.  As long as we're not having pictures taken and the outfit is appropriate for the activity, I go with it.  If she's still dressing like this in ten years, I may rethink that.  For now, though, I think it's adorable!

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April said...

LOVE the outfits. LOVE alice. she's got it. style.