Friday, October 11, 2013

The Pumpkin Patch

Since it's supposed to rain this weekend and next week public school kids are out for fall break, I decided we'd make a trip to the pumpkin patch before October got away from us.
Jack loves this one because it has a dark hay house.

They also have lots of animals that the kids love to feed.
Both of the kids kept reprimanding the goats for being so pushy.

This little guy cracked me up.
Alice loves to ride the ponies.
Jack's feet are way past the stirrups now.  He had a doctor's appointment Wednesday and he has grown an inch and gained three pounds since his check up in July!
Love these kiddos!
They have a lot of different kinds of pumpkins so we all picked out a weird one.

Alice was very excited to be big enough to pull the wagon.
She wasn't so excited about Jack getting to pull it back--until he offered her a ride.  He's a great big brother!

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Jen U. said...

These pictures are precious!