Sunday, May 31, 2009

I Made It!

There are only three more hours until June rolls around, so I feel safe in saying that I am having a June baby again!

More posts soon on what we've been doing the last week...

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Movie Time

Today I finally took Jack to see Monsters Vs. Aliens. He has wanted to see this since we saw the previews in December, but we kept putting it off. Since Jay had to be gone this weekend, I decided doing something that would both entertain Jack and let me sit still was the best plan. While I waited in line for our tickets, Jack was standing in front of the movie poster quoting all the lines he knew to himself. Yes, he got a few strange looks.

We went early to get the tickets and had lunch at the theater diner before show time.

Jack was not sure about wearing the 3D glasses at first, but he seemed amazed when they started showing things in 3D. We saw a preview for Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs and he reached out and grabbed for the food several times. He sat on the very edge of his seat for the first hour of the movie and has been playing with his movie toys all afternoon, so I guess he would give this one two thumbs up!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

A Star is Born

Jack has been taking a drama class for the last couple of months. He has really enjoyed it, and today was the class performance.

First, they showed off some warm-up stretches.

Jack and Milo were the two little kittens.

Having some pie--and soiling their mittens.

Going to wash their mittens.

Taking a bow!

Playing a pretend game.

I was surprised at how serious he was when he was up on the stage. He didn't act goofy or anything. I think maybe he was a little bit nervous, but he did a great job. Afterward, we all went to lunch at Zio's and Jack got to play on the playground, so any stage fright was well rewarded!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

One More

Just because I like it.

The Terrible Mother

I'm going to confess that I have become a terrible mother. I am pretty sure it has something to do with the fact that I'm now seven times the size of the average human and have water balloon feet, nerve problems in my hands, and am somewhat narcoleptic. We've only got 2.5 to 3.5 weeks until the baby comes, though, so I am really trying to do things with Jack while he's the one and only for just a little longer.
Monday I took him to the mall. This was a bit self-serving since I had a Bath & Body Works coupon I wanted to use, but he always enjoys playing in the kids area and I let him throw all of my pennies into the fountain.

When we got home, we were excited to see that our ladybug larvae had finally arrived!

Jack finally learned to blow up a balloon and I looked every time he said, "Look!" All 436 times.

I had Jay hook up the hose so I could spray Jack in the afternoons like he's been begging to do for a week. This is not so bad since I can just sit in the lawn chair and aim.

Today we went to the zoo. For five hours. This actually wasn't too bad since the weather was so nice. We sat in the front row for the sea lion show.

Playing in the mister

A couple of scary dinosaurs!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

37 Weeks

I know you really wanted to see a picture of my freezer. I was going to have Jay take my picture today, but I forgot until I was half-dressed and getting ready to take a shower, and trust me, that's not something you want to see. And if I forced you to gouge your eyes out, you couldn't come back in a few weeks and see this baby, could you? So here's my freezer.

This weekend I finished cooking meals to freeze for when the baby comes. I know I'm finished because nothing else will fit in the freezer. As you can see, the ice cream is already sitting on top of the ice. I ended up with 21 meals or bases for meals, so I think we are set.

Last week we got down all of the baby clothes from the attic and they are sorted and ready to wash as soon as we fix the dryer. We also picked a new car seat, which was out of stock, so we don't actually have it yet. I think I've even figured out where we will all be sleeping when the baby comes home--at least in theory.

The one major thing we haven't done is to choose names. Many people have asked, and we're not trying to be coy; we really have no clue what we'll call this child. Other than that little detail, we're pretty much ready at any time, though I'm hoping that's not for at least another two weeks at the earliest!


The house has changed quite a bit since Jay's last pictures. If the weather stays dry, we may have a roof by the end of the week! Jack is very excited about getting to go upstairs on the next trip home.

Friday, May 15, 2009


We made it through preschool! I started out the year fairly gung-ho, really more to get myself into a routine than anything else. We were fairly consistent with "school" until the time when I figured out I might be pregnant. Then I spent the next two months or so mostly on the couch, trying not to feel like I was on some kind of crazy roller coaster. Jack watched a lot of PBS and didn't seem to scarred by the whole thing.

We picked back up in January and really took off in March when we started using the workbox system. I feel like we have a pretty good routine that will hopefully be fairly easy to start up again when we begin kindergarten.

All in all, I think this year was a pretty successful one. Jack has started reading quite a few words and is eager to learn more. We will probably continue with that as much as possible through the summer. He comes up with new things to learn about all the time, which I like--except when he wants to do a full unit on the new topic right now, or at least after lunch at the very latest.

I think the most important thing, though, is that he has plenty of time to play. A friend posted a link to this article about how academic kindergarten has become, and I think it sometimes applies to homeschoolers as well as public and private schools. It's easy to get caught up in pushing your child to do more and more academically, especially when you feel their education is a direct reflection of you and your efforts and skill. This year, though, I have learned that sometimes your child will come up with the most brilliant observation, and sometimes you have to give them five minutes of explicit directions to make them understand they have chocolate on their fingers. And when they're four, your chances are fifty-fifty.

The Week in Review

This was going to be the week I got completely caught up on blog posts. Jay had the entire week off and he and Jack were going home for a couple of days, so I thought it would be the perfect chance to catch up on all things electronic. Monday night I decided to wait, though, because my hands were pretty numb and I was making all kinds of typos. Tuesday morning I went to turn on the computer and nothing happened. Nothing. So I was at home all by myself with no car and no computer. It was really weird. Anyway, here's the rundown on the last week:

Sunday: To celebrate our 15th anniversary, Jay and I decided to go to a movie. It was sold out. We then went to Lowe's to look at doors and found a great one. We called my parents to come over with the truck, but when they got there, we realized the door was pre-hung and wouldn't work. We went to Target and got some different coming home outfits for the baby and then drove around looking for a place to eat that wasn't insanely crowded. All in all, a good day.

Monday: Jack had his last day of speech therapy. I am especially excited about this as it was an hour round trip in the afternoon and I was not looking forward to dragging a baby along.

Tuesday: I cleaned and organized like crazy.

Wednesday: I cleaned a little and watched a lot of TV, including an episode of Little House on the Prairie where Mary thought she was getting her sight back, which caused some major tension with her also blind husband. I took at least three naps.

Jay and Jack came back in the evening and just as I was getting started on some computer stuff, the tornado sirens started going off. Since he is an Oklahoman, Jay usually goes outside and looks around, but this time we seemed to be in the direct path of a huge rotation, so we actually went to the closet with blankets and pillows. Jack slept through the whole thing.

Thursday: Jay fixed the computer all by himself. I was impressed.

Friday: 37 week check-up for me and the baby. Nothing much seems to be going on.

That's all of the excitement around here lately. I am really going to get some posts done this weekend--with pictures, even!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Fifteen Years, Fifteen Songs

1. Fire and Ice--Jenny Labow (1994)
I know you have your point of view
May not always be what I had wanted to be you
Fire and ice go together in my eyes

2. In Your Eyes--Peter Gabriel (1994)
In your eyes
I see the doorway to a thousand churches
In your eyes
The resolution of all the fruitless searches

3. Heaven's Heart--Michelle Tumes (1995/1999)
Heaven's hope was written in the stars before the mark of time
Your heart and mine were destined to entwine
Though the road I take may wander,
Love will always lead me home

4. Bring It On Home To Me--Sam Cooke (1996)
If you ever change your mind about leaving,
leaving me behind...
Bring it on home to me

5. White Flag--Dido (1997)
I will go down with this ship
I won't put my hands up and surrender
There will be no white flag above my door

6. We've Got Tonight--Bob Seger (1998)
We've got tonight, who needs tomorrow?
Let's make it last, let's find a way

7. Save Tonight--Eagle Eye Cherry (1998-2000)
Tomorrow comes to take me away
I wish that I, that I could stay

8. As Is--Ani DiFranco (2000)
I've got no illusions about you
Guess what?
I never did
When I said,
when I said I'll take it
I meant,
I meant as is.

9. Closer--Dido (2002)
The closer you get, the better I feel
The closer you are, the more I see
Why everyone says that I look happier
When you're around

10. Enjoy the Silence--Depeche Mode (2004)
All I ever wanted, all I ever needed,
is here in my arms.

11. Monk Theme Song--Jeff Beal (2006)

12. Easy Silence--Dixie Chicks (2007)
I just want to hold on to the
Easy silence that you make for me
It's okay when there's nothing more to say to me
And the peaceful quiet you create for me
And the way you keep the world at bay for me

13. Beyond My Wildest Dreams--Mark Knopfler & Emmylou Harris (2008)
I'd drive a thousand miles
Haul a trailer of tears
Just to see you smile
And as the dawn appears
At the edge of the night
There's still a light that gleams
Beyond my wildest dreams

14. My Baby Loves Me--Martina McBride (2008)
He thinks I'm pretty, he thinks I'm smart
He likes my nerve and he loves my heart
He's always saying he's my biggest fan
My baby loves me just the way that I am

15. Freedom--Akon (2009)
Freedom, freedom...
Everything I have, everything I own,
All my already know

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Eight Months

Yesterday I was going through a file box of Jay's old handouts and articles from med school and residency when I found some labor and delivery notes. Judging from his notes, we have the same feelings. I saw the doctor today (yes, I really did!) and after examining me she announced that nothing was going on. This was not a big surprise to me since a) I had to be induced with Jack and b) I'm one month from my due date. Nonetheless, it was reassuring to know since all the baby stuff is still in the attic and I can't find coming home outfits that I like.

Bug Out 2009

After attending the Bug Out so many times, Jack no longer fears the big ladybug. In fact, this year he was asking where it was.

Jack colored a ladybug sheet when we first got there.

Releasing the ladybugs--Each year we make it a little further in before he wants to dump them out.

Jack thought it was really funny when the ladybugs crawled all over him. I even found some in his hair!

Checking out one of the waterfalls.

The boys spent a long time trying to catch some of the released ladybugs.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

35 Weeks: The Ring Comes Off

I've worn my wedding band constantly since our wedding almost nine years ago. Most of the time, I even wore my engagement ring, too. They aren't fancy. In fact, the ring I had had my eye on was a $35 silver band from James Avery. Jay got me one that looked identical, but was platinum, which is Greek for "looks like silver at ten times the price." I love it anyway. They're nice and plain, just like me (insert my husband saying, "You should sell yourself better" here). Anyway, my point is that I have the perfect plain wedding band that never has to come off. I've worn it through medical procedures and manicures galore. Until today.

This is my lovely, swollen hand after removing my ring. Until the last few days, the swelling had mostly been in my feet and somewhat in my right hand, but it has increased and moved to my left hand, too. Yesterday my mother-in-law asked if I was a little edematous. A little?! I was hoping she was being tactful and that she didn't really think I look like this all the time. Someone please tell me if I do! Or don't. I am a little hormonal and I need to believe this will go away in a few weeks.

Last night I decided I should probably try to take the band off rather than let it go and possibly have it cut off. This morning I soaked my hand in ice water, oiled it up, pulled like crazy, and nothing happened. I thought I was in it for the long haul. This afternoon I tried again, but I had Jay do the pulling. He pulled for a while and pronounced it hopeless, which made me panic, because how was I supposed to know when I should give up and have it cut off? What if I had it cut off one day and the next day the swelling went down some and I could have taken it off normally? So he pulled some more. I was fairly sure my finger was going to break. And at last it came off!

I'm waiting out these last few weeks with my band on a chain around my neck and with the hope that my cankles will be a distant memory by the end of June!