Thursday, May 21, 2009

A Star is Born

Jack has been taking a drama class for the last couple of months. He has really enjoyed it, and today was the class performance.

First, they showed off some warm-up stretches.

Jack and Milo were the two little kittens.

Having some pie--and soiling their mittens.

Going to wash their mittens.

Taking a bow!

Playing a pretend game.

I was surprised at how serious he was when he was up on the stage. He didn't act goofy or anything. I think maybe he was a little bit nervous, but he did a great job. Afterward, we all went to lunch at Zio's and Jack got to play on the playground, so any stage fright was well rewarded!

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Angela said...

Whoa wait one minute! Does your Zio's have a playground? I LOVE ZIO'S!! Ours doesn't have a playground or did I just misunderstand that sentence?!?!?