Sunday, December 18, 2016

4H Christmas Party (& More!)

Jack has had a busy fall in 4H!  At the beginning of the year he ran for Junior Representative and won!

Helping with the bulletin board at the county extension office.
The Most Green contest!
Selling paper clovers at Tractor Supply Company for National 4H Week
Parking cars at the fair to raise money for the club
Making tutus for Joy in the Cause
He made this game for the fall festival!
They got to have a cookout, too.
And there were lots of fun games!
Learning safety skills
Helping out at a Cloverbud meeting
Our congressman, Jim Bridenstine, came to talk to the kids about Veteran's Day.
Making a smoothie on the blender bike
Packing food boxes at the Salvation Army
He was interviewed when we did this...
...and he made the news!
Last week they had their Christmas party with a Dirty Santa game.
A visit from Santa!
They even had a snowball fight!


Alice has had a fun time in Cloverbuds this fall!  One month they made dog puppets.

Mavis Pearl (the real one) visited that evening and the kids have all been working to make tutus for the stuffed dogs they hand out.

In October they had an apple night and made these cute clay apple pies!  We used the idea for our FIAR ornament exchange for How to Make and Apple Pie and See the World.
Lots of yummy apples to eat!
Mustache face painting at the fall festival!
She's also gotten to help do a lot of things with the older kids, like helping to put up the bulletin board at the county extension office...
...and helping park cars at the fair...
...and decorating the clubhouse Christmas tree...
...and packing food boxes at the Salvation Army!
The had their Cloverbud Christmas party a couple of weeks ago and they made ornaments.
They decorated a teammate as a Christmas tree!
Chatting with Santa
Snowball fight!

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Ice Skating

 They put up a new outdoor rink downtown, so yesterday we tried it out with some friends!

 He makes it look so easy!

 Frozen kids!

 The lights were so pretty!

The sunset was amazing--this picture doesn't even come close to how beautiful the sky was!