Friday, November 18, 2011

Fun Friday: 347.3 Miles

Technically not all 347.3 miles were driven today, but it was all part of our road trip that started Thursday.

Our first stop was the new Oklahoma WONDERtorium in Stillwater.

This place was so much fun!

It's all in one big room, which was nice, because Jack could go play where he wanted to play and I could still keep an eye on him. And sometimes they even ended up playing together!

Alice liked picking vegetables.

She was really excited when she found beans to scoop! Sister loves her some scooping.

Trying out the chopsticks and sushi in the Japanese area. Jack had just done this in his geography class this week!

Jack figured out just where to stand so the balls and scarves would hit him when they came out of the air tubes.

Water table--When she was done here, Alice took off her shirt and gave it to me so I could dry it under the hand dryer.

There was an old fashioned washing machine in the farm area. Can I just tell you how glad I am to have a modern washing machine? So glad.

The kids liked gathering eggs. On the other side of this wall was the general store and you could put the eggs in slots there and they could come out in the hen house.

Playing store

Alice loved playing with the babies.

She also liked playing with the pager and the computer. I think she may be hitting Jay up for a job in a few years.

I piled the leaves on the bottom of the slide for her about 76 times.

We loved this museum! It is much closer than Jasmine Moran and the small size is much more manageable if you're taking the kids on your own, so I think this is going to be a new favorite spot.

The kids went to Eskimo Joe's for the first time for dinner.

Part of the point of making this an overnight trip was getting to swim at the hotel. I thought I was so prepared by remembering flip flops for me, until I realized I had brought sandals from two different pairs--and both of them were for the right foot! Thankfully the pool was right across from the elevator, which was right by our room.

I also forgot Alice's turtle swim ring, even though she talks about it every week when Jack has gym class and she sees one exactly like it in the gym office. We had a good time anyway.

This morning we set off again. Perry was not on the itinerary. Oops. Thankfully the kids were patient, which may or may not have been because I bought them a bag of Reese's cups when we stopped at a gas station for directions.

We went back to Leonardo's!

Alice was not as keen on the animals this time. I'm sure they weren't sure what to think of her, either.


Alice recognized this costume and made up a song to sing on stage.

Since it wasn't 200 degrees this time, playing outside was much more fun.

If you see Alice in person, you should ask her about this bridge. That's all I'm going to tell you.

After all that playing we were worn out and not really up for the two hour drive home. We made it, though, and now it's time to catch up on all the stuff I left undone!

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