Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Vacation Days

For the first several years that Jay was in the military, he hardly ever had a day off. Either he was on a rotation that didn't allow vacation, or he was only allowed a certain number of days off by the residency program, or there was a problem with access, or something. It was annoying. Now, though, he has so much leave stored up that he rarely works a full week, and at the end of this month he is taking a whole week off! It has been a long time since we've been to the children's museum (almost exactly a year, in fact), so today we made the trip.

Jack enjoyed all of the old favorites...

We also spent a lot of time in the new section, which they were building the last time we were there. It is full of science exhibits--mostly medical things. We have not encouraged an interest in medicine--if anything, we've discouraged it. He still really seems to like it, though.

We even spotted our baby!
I'm including this last picture because a) I have no pride, and b) I think only about six people read this blog. This is me, five months pregnant, on a bed of nails. Jack was insistent that I try it out, and Jay snapped this lovely photo. I was nervous because Jack was pressing the button and nothing was happening. And I knew I wasn't 300 pounds, but still. After Old Navy sent me pants that were two sizes too small this week, I was already a little paranoid. It turns out that he doesn't yet understand the concept of holding the button down, so I took the control and it worked. Whew!


Amber said...

My friend, a lot more than six people read this blog! I love the picture ~ you have to scrapbook it! I know what you mean about vacations. My husband can't even take off work when his mom comes into town next month.

Angela said...

Cute pic! I like the jeans you are wearing...cute! Amazing how much maternity wear has changed over the years!

Sara said...

I love your pics Jen! And you look awesome woman!