Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Continuing Education

Since Jack read his first word all on his own, we have been playing some reading games and he has continued to try to sound out words on his own. This evening he was in the living room when I heard, "Mom, there's a bad word on this box!" I was washing the dinner dishes and trying to think what kind of boxes with bad words we could have sitting around. "You know what it says? Poop!" Now I was really confused. Why did we have a box labeled "poop" in our house? Then he showed me the box--for Trouble, the Pop-O-Matic Game. I was still pretty impressed, even if he wasn't exactly on target.


Robyn said...

LOL! That's pretty funny! But that's good!

Rachel said...

Very cool, and hilarious! You should try having him make his own "logo" book from Newspapers and Magazines. Both my girls thrived with theirs. I tell Em it was her first journal. She carried that notebook everywhere to add more words.