Monday, February 16, 2009

Once in a Lifetime

Last weekend, something happened that has never happened since Jack was born four years ago: I had 27 hours all on my own. The original plan was for Jay to go home for the weekend (yes, we still say, "go home," even though we haven't lived there for seven years) and Jack and I would stay here. At the last minute, Jack decided he wanted to go, too, so I was all on my own. I took some "before" shots, but I forgot to take any "after" ones until we had already gotten our stuff out again, so let me tell you what I did...
  • cleaned out and reorganized Jack's closet, nightstand, and cabinet
  • vacuumed all the carpeted areas
  • swept all the tiled areas
  • mopped all the tiled areas
  • wiped down all the baseboards
  • cataloged all of the children's books
  • packed three boxes of books
  • organized all of Jack's stray papers
  • printed out stuff for the fall (until I ran out of ink)
  • cleaned the kitchen
  • did six loads of laundry
  • dusted the whole house
  • wrapped a birthday present for an upcoming party
  • cleaned out and reorganized the cabinet of school stuff
I think that covers it. I did all of this while watching copious amounts of 80s TV on DVD. And why did I get all of this done? A) Jay and Jack had my car and I don't know how to drive Jay's, and B) I couldn't get online on the computer that was here. At least I thought I couldn't. Turns out, I could have, but it's good I didn't know that or I am sure my list would be a lot shorter.

It was kind of nice to have the place to myself for a while, but I don't think I would like to do it all that often. I slept in as late as I could, which was about 6:45. Out of principle, though, I stayed on the couch until 8:30. By Saturday afternoon I was talking to the baby and the cat pretty much non-stop in between calls to Jay asking when they were going to be home. It just seemed a little weird. We'll see if it seems any more normal next time...which will probably be in 2013.


Angela said...

I guess the nesting has begun!

Julie said...


Anonymous said...

Can you do my closets and drawers while you're here next week? RWBGMA