Friday, February 8, 2008

Museum Trip

Or, as Jack would say, Myoose-mayum Trip. Jack was extremely excited about our trip to the Children's Museum. So excited that he kept telling me about it at 3:30 this morning. Repeatedly.

First stop was the bubble area. This time he seemed to have more fun trying to pop the bubbles than anything else.

Then it was over to the little grocery store. Jack loved pushing the cart and he finally got up the courage to try out the cash register.

When we went out to wait for the train ride, Jack HAD to play on the pirate ship. I got to be the matey. It was gorgeous weather, which was good since I hadn't brought any jackets.

And then it was over to the playground...I think we spent 75% of our time outside.

Back inside, he really got into the water table. On previous trips he has not shown much interest, but today there was hardly anyone there, so he really got to do what HE wanted with it.

He also really enjoyed the cloud climber. In the past he would only walk up the first level, but today we went up to the top. He was even mad that the slide down was closed for repairs. I am not sure that he really would have gone down it, but he did at least act like he would go down it.

We finished up in the airplane cockpit. He must have been working pretty hard!

After the museum we went to lunch at McDonald's. He couldn't make the hour drive home without falling asleep, so it will probably be a late night tonight!

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