Thursday, February 21, 2008


I used to really like shoes. I had shoes that went with everything--and quite a few pairs that just went with one thing. Somewhere in the last three years I have gotten away from getting so many shoes (yes, really I have!), but lately I have been finding more and more that I like. At least I am finding them cheap, I guess.

It turns out that Jack also likes shoes--rain boots, specifically. His yellow rain boots (that we looked high and low for after he saw a tiny pair at the store) are getting too tight and he has been talking about these frog boots for a while. Today we had to go get him some other shoes, so we ended up getting the frogs, too. He wore them through the store before we bought them and kept them on most of the day. In fact, he even wore them to bed. Here he is at bedtime!

The beloved dinosaur shoes are getting small, so we went to find him some new tennis shoes and dressy shoes. I am SO glad his foot has slimmed down and we don't have to buy everything at StrideRite! Here are the goods!

And of course I ended up with a pair, too.

Shoe shopping didn't take us the entire day. We went to storytime and lunch before coming home. This afternoon we played a lot--bouncy balls, colorforms, drawing, blocks, name it, he had it out. He was so into the blocks I even got a chance to do a little cleaning on his closet!

Dinosaur bowling

That's it for tonight! Tomorrow is ANOTHER busy day!

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