Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Tons of Stuff on Tuesday

**Hello!  This post was written more than 6 years ago, but thanks to Pinterest, people still stumble across it from time to time.  If you would like the printables for the Laundry Letter Match, you can find them on the Workboxables page at Homeschool Share!  Just look for Laundry Patterns!

Today was a busy day! I'm going to do a couple of other posts to break it up, but I'll start with stuff here at home...

This is what my morning is probably going to look like. We are babysitting for a friend, so she brought her son over to get used to it before tomorrow. Jack thought he was the greatest and wanted to do everything he did. He must like him a lot, because tonight he asked where the baby was going to sleep at our house!

Later, Jack calmed down enough (briefly) to play an ABC matching game. He started with a laundry basket...

and we put some of the laundry on the clothesline...

and he tried matching the capital and lowercase letters. He did pretty well, but the clothespins were a little tricky.

Even Boris got in on the game.

This evening he had some dinner and played with dinosaurs. We watched a show (Cyberchase, of course!) and then it was time for bed!


Heather said...

Uh Jen...you can't go making all these goodies without telling me about it!!!

Did you make the patterns for the clothes or did you make those up? Can you explain what you made and what the letters mean?

I love it!

Heather W

Jen said...

Hi Heather!

I just drew the clothes free hand. Pm me or email me and I can scan them and email them to you. I just put the capital letter on one part and the lower case letter on another. Socks go with socks and shirts go with shorts. Now if we can work the clothespins we'll be in business! : )

Michele said...

I love this idea! I know Kaden will love it! He loves all things domestic! Cleaning, cooking and laundry. I'll have to make some of these.

Anonymous said...

Jen! I am just now seeing this (only a year late). I would love to have your patterns if you have the energy to send them over.

:) Ami

Mary said...

Would you care to share your pattern with a complete stranger?? :) I love this idea!

Anonymous said...

letter laundry game I would love to have a copy of your patterns.
If you you have time to send me.


Anonymous said...

Me too! That's a great idea. dmytryshyn-wat2008@rambler.ru