Sunday, February 10, 2008


Cyberchase is one of Jack's favorite things lately. Unfortunately, they almost never show it on TV and the library only has one copy, which freezes all the time. We finally broke down and ordered a copy from Amazon, and since it came, this is what I have been hearing all the time:

It doesn't matter if the video is actually playing or not; he sings it all the time. I had to secretly tape it, though, so that he wouldn't act shy.

Most of the day was spent just hanging out. We got off to a slow start (well, I did) and didn't do much. There was a lot of playing with cars and the circus.

Jesse Bear got some new pajamas. And some new undies. And a new bed, pillow, and blanket. Jack is pretty sure he needs the whole house and his mom and dad, too. We may need to make a felt run.

Bobey spent a relaxing day alternating between the couch and the love seat while we watched the Pro Bowl. I was even all coordinated and wore my Vikings shirt. Actually, that was just what I grabbed when I got out of the shower, but I can pretend to be all organized.

And that was pretty much all we did today!

Chatting with Grandpa. The topic: Cyberchase!

From yesterday: A friend and I are trying to make sure we each get a minimum of one scrapbook page done a week. Last night I did one complete page, finished another one, and put some of my new stuff from Heather on my new frame. I even organized all of my scraps that were in my work box! This week I am shooting for two whole pages! : )


Heather said...

Ok Jen...pony up with the pattern you used for the bear itself! Is that really free hand or what did you use?

Also, VERY handsome frame on the mantle there...I so need to get one of those. Maybe when my kitchen is painted I'll make it a point. However, I will begin putting it on my gift list for any occassion!

Heather W

Elysa said...

LOVED the Cyberchase solo! My kids also love that fact, I think they're watching it right now.

BTW, every mom needs a little sneakiness in her arsenal every once in a while. ;)

Jen said...

NO! I did NOT draw that bear freehand. I said I was a FELT master, not a drawing one! : ) If you look under the Jesse Bear section on Homeschool Share you will find it. If not, let me know!

And that is a different frame from the other one--it is 8x8. I just really like them. ; )

Elysa, I will send him over to give you guys a concert! hahaha

Tiffany said...

My kids love Cyberchase. It is on here everyday at 4:30 on PBS!!

Michele said...

I love that Jessie Bear. Are his clothes removable? If they are did you use velcro?
Love your blog!