Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Stuff We Did Today

My brilliant stash of titles has failed me, so I'm just calling it what it is. I should probably just use that for the blog name and save myself some time. On to our day...

We needed to go to the grocery store, which meant a trip to the playground first. We had to be back home by 11:00 for Cyberchase, so it was a quick trip out.

After Cyberchase we went to the post office to mail a package and to the library to pick up Super Secret Super Spy, for which Jack has been (sort of) patiently waiting. I must say that the giant episode with the 80s pop music is quite catchy.

This afternoon we cracked out the Moon Sand. The manufacturers advertise this as "the fun of the beach without the mess" or something like that. Ha. Ha. Ha. Bringing out the Moon Sand always means a change of clothes around here. But he has fun and I am a pushover for that grin, so I just get the vacuum and the new clothes out and let him go to town.

Jack took this picture of Bobey.

And that's about all the stuff we did today. I am listening to a little Harry and getting ready to make a game for tomorrow. And I MUST get in that page of scrapbooking...It may be a late night tonight!

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Edwena said...

Jen, your blog looks great. If only I can soon figure out how to put all those pictures on my blog. I would be so happy. I really enjoyed your pictures. Talk to you later.

Edwena from FIAR