Thursday, February 28, 2008

Can I Just Keep One Eye Open?

That's what Jack asked tonight when it was time to go to sleep. He wanted to keep looking at this set of rainbow toothbrushes in a book he has and said he just couldn't get that green one out of his head. The boy's a little strange sometimes. Anyway, he's in bed now, so I'm listening to a little Bob and blogging.

Barb brought me Thin Mints this morning! How awesome are cookies before 9:00 am??

Breakfast time. He has been eating a ton lately. I hope he is not getting ready to grow out of his shorts from last summer.

Cyberchase was on again today so he watched that and we spent the afternoon playing.

This afternoon Kristen and Kaden came and brought our book order and the boys played for a while before dinner. Can a day get any better than people bringing you Thin Mints and new books? I think not.

That was pretty much it for the day. I still have a scrapbook page to finish and then it is off to bed to rest up for our zoo trip!

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deleise said...

What a cutie! Are you going to the OKC zoo?