Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Heaven and Hell

As I was watching Castle Monday night, Jay told me I should take a picture of the screen. Because not only were we under thunderstorm, tornado, and flood watches and warnings....

...we'd also just had another earthquake. He says we live in hell, and after two earthquakes and such strong winds that I keep thinking we're having another earthquake--and then, of course, getting on Facebook to see if it was, in fact, another earthquake--I'm making fun of him less and less when he gripes about the weather.

Thankfully, though, when the ground isn't shaking and the sky isn't pouring, life is good. Jack looked almost angelic doing his work today. (I would tell you that the mess in the school room is from the earthquakes, but that would be a flat out lie.)

When I was cleaning the bathroom, the kids were so quiet I came in to check on them. For possibly the first time ever, Jack was playing his DS and Alice was not screaming to play with it and he was not screaming back about her never being allowed in his room again. I even mopped the bathroom floor. I love you, Atlantis Squarepantis.

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