Friday, November 4, 2011

Fun Friday: Books to Treasure

Tonight was the annual Books to Treasure program. As a second grader, Jack got a free copy of Lissy's Friends and he was able to get a special library card that looks like the poster above.

Usually we try to not torture Alice (or ourselves) by bringing her to something like this, but we had no choice tonight. We got there early so I could get an aisle seat in case (really, I mean when) I had to take Alice outside.

This year's illustrator was Grace Lin. We had read several of her books before.

I tried to buy Alice's silence with fruit snacks--doled out covertly since food isn't allowed in the auditorium--but they didn't last the entire time and we ended up walking the hall. Jack gave me a pretty good run down on the way home, though.

This year we were almost at the very front of the book signing line! This was a big change from previous years.

They also had a big container of tiny origami cranes for the kids!

We were out the door by 8:00! I felt bad for the people at the end of the line--it went all the way out into the lobby--but I was sooooo glad not to have to entertain Alice in line very long!

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