Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving School

We've been doing Thanksgiving school this month. Honestly, after our dinner, I was pretty much Thanksgivinged out, so maybe next year I need to not do that quite so early. Nevertheless, we started out with Cranberry Thanksgiving. We don't own this one, but we do have Cranberry Easter and Jack has enjoyed the Cranberry Christmas movie.

Lapbook pieces from Homeschool Share!

A cornucopia of twisty pictures! We worked on learning the New England states.

Ocean Spray has some good information about cranberries and at certain times you can check out the live bog cam!

We discussed setting, too. (Idea from Heather!)

Jack's trunk with the list of items he would take with him.

Handprint turkeys--the unit had some other kind of turkey, but I went with this kind because it was flat and would fit in his notebook easily and Alice could do one, too.

We read through both of these books are we were working on the items in the pockets.

These are good resources, too. We didn't read through them this year, but Jack used them for some pictures he did.

My actual Thanksgiving Day pictures are pretty few. Jack played Skip-Bo with my grandma before lunch.

After lunch he played another game with his cousin. We went to our second dinner at Jay's sister's house and were home in time for Charlie Brown.

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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Phyllis said...

What a lovely Thanksgiving school week you had! I love the resources you used.