Saturday, November 14, 2009

Books to Treasure

Last night we went to the Books to Treasure program to see Brad Sneed, an illustrator who has done the pictures for three Five in a Row books (The Bravest of Us All, The Pumpkin Runner, and Higgins Bend Song and Dance).

He showed the different steps involved in illustrating a book.

He also read from a couple of books and drew a picture.

The wait to get a book signed was about an hour and a half. I held Alice the whole time and Jack resorted to resting on the floor. I would have joined him if I could.

We finally reached the front around 9:30.

It was worth the wait! Jack and Alice now have two more signed books to add to their collection. I'm looking forward to seeing who they bring in next year!


Denise said...

First, Jack got a haircut! Second, I am veer impressed that he was able to wait that long, even resting on the floor!

Christie said...

I like Jack's haircut! I think I would have sat on the floor with him. :)

Heather said...

I can't believe you actually suggested that I come visit your blog! I'm so offended. ; )

But I'm glad I peeked in. Great pictures.