Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Since I Didn't Have the Camera Anyway...

I thought I'd go ahead and blog about our nature study group today. I actually did have the camera, but I didn't realize it, so no pics and still no way to upload them yet even if I did have some.

Today we met for the first time with a nature study group my friend Rachel told me about. Before leaving the house, I mentioned to Jay that Alice had not pooped in at least a day and a half. That part is important later in the story. Anyway, we headed out to a local nature center and got there right on time. We were the first ones there, though, so I thought we had missed the group.

After people started arriving, we headed out onto the trails. Alice's stroller didn't do too bad out there in the wilderness, especially considering it is just a regular old stroller built for trips to the mall and other tamer environments. Early on, we saw a deer, which was pretty surprising since we had a pretty good-sized group of kids. Jack spotted some fungus on a tree and asked what it was. One of the older boys told him it was a fungus. "What's a bungus?" Jack asked? That's my boy. Then we saw a hawk (I think it was a hawk. I am not so good at birds. It was a hawkish-looking bird, at least.) circling around overhead. "I think that means we're going to die soon!" my friend's daughter announced.

All of this time, Alice was riding in her stroller and was pretty content. When she really got fussy, I went ahead and unstrapped her and was planning on carrying her. Then I noticed that she had pooped. As in, covered-from-her-waist-to-her-feet-in-poop-and-we-may-have-to-burn-these-pants pooped. Did I mention that we were in the woods? So Alice got stripped down to nothing and seemed to be quite content to find herself completely naked in the woods. Somehow I managed to undress her, change her diaper, and re-dress her while she was in her carseat. (Note to self: clean the carseat tomorrow.) After all of that, she was pretty happy to ride again and I was worn out.

Next week we will meet up with the group again at a different park. I am hoping that Alice is a little easier on me!


Denise said...

Those are the worst kind of poops!

Sue said...

Agreeing with Denise...those are the worst.

Anonymous said...

"what's a bungus?" LOL i can't even think that without laughing 'til i cry :D

Mamagot5 in Australia