Wednesday, October 28, 2009


We moved out of our old house exactly one month ago and into our new house a week ago. We're finally starting to see a little progress with the unpacking. I still don't have our other computer hooked up, so there won't be many pictures yet, but here's the rundown on the last month!
Jack is loving the new house. To our surprise, he doesn't even mind being upstairs by himself. We have joined a homeschooling group here and have gone on a couple of field trips. Friday we have a Halloween party--Jack will be a zookeeper and Alice will be a zebra. He has also started taking gymnastics once a week.
Alice has learned to roll over both ways and laughs at Jack all the time. She still isn't much of a sleeper, but I am hoping that once we have been in the new house and in a routine for a while she will start sleeping more.
Jay signed a contract last week and will start working in a few weeks. It has been nice for him to have the time off since he is the exclusive unpacker while I am taking care of the kids.
I have been trying to plan kindergarten, get things in the house organized, and keep up with the important things like Glee and Facebook. Hopefully we will have the other computer up and running soon and I will post pictures of the house!


Denise said...

Busy as always!

Anonymous said...

hey I am on facebook look me up.