Sunday, July 5, 2015

Happy Fourth of July!

 We started our celebrations on Friday night at my mom and dad's.  (This is the gravesite of Fourthie the Mole, a dead mole the kids found and buried.)

 After dinner they took the shopping cart and headed to the fireworks stand.

 After a little while they came back with the goods!

 Grandpa let them each spend $25!

 I meant to bring my selfie stick, but I left part of it at home, so this was a picture of all the grownups with no one moving chairs.

 We had a great time!

 Saturday we spent most of the day at home.

 We did hit the fireworks stand for a few more things to do at our house.
 Jack tried making a pyramid out of snakes.

Throughout all of the controversies over the government decisions of the last few weeks, one of my favorite remarks was by Elizabeth Foss, who said, "There's more than one way to change the culture.  The way that is little and hidden is not to be underestimated." I'd like to think that in our own small way, this is what we're doing with the kind of life we've chosen.  Day in and day out, we're choosing something different, and I'm very thankful for the freedom to do so.

Happy Independence Day!

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