Saturday, July 18, 2015

Jack's Lego Camp

 This week Jack went to Lego Camp at the Tulsa Children's Museum--this is his "I survived five whole days in a row of getting out of the house way too early!" picture on Friday.

 In case you're not familiar with Tulsa geography, the children's museum is on the northwest side of downtown, which is way far away from my house.  We had to leave each day by 8:15, which is a huge challenge when you're not used to leaving until 10:30 at the earliest and you keep at least one day a week completely free of commitments so you don't have to leave at all.
 I don't have a lot of pictures from camp since I pretty much just dropped him off and picked him up, but this is one from the first day.

 In addition to Lego time, the kids also got time to play in the museum.

 One day they got to watch a 3D printer make Lego bricks and they got one to take home!
 Friday we got to the museum a little earlier and the kids got to play together.

 They also played at the splash pad!

 We made it!  Although I know he got tired of the all day, every day routine, I think he had fun overall.  We drove almost 550 miles during the week, so I think we're all ready for a more relaxed time next week!

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