Friday, July 31, 2015

One on One

 I have lots of time with my kids, but it's kind of rare to have one on one time with them.  Since they did camps at different times this year, I did get more than usual this summer!
{Alice and me in the tape tunnel at the children's museum.}

 Really, I just got about three afternoons with Jack since Alice's camp was shorter.  He had PE one day and went to the trampoline park another day.  One afternoon we spent at the children's museum, where he got to make a custom minifigure (with a Discovery Lab shirt!) as a souvenir.

 We also went to Braum's for sundaes!

 Alice used some of her time to go to Build a Bear and spend a gift certificate she had gotten for her birthday.

We also took my grandma out for lunch and pedicures one day.  Alice thinks we need to do that a lot more often!

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