Friday, July 31, 2015

Printmaking and Andy Warhol

 While we were learning about Roy Lichtenstein, we revisited another pop artist when the OKCMOA had an exhibit called Warhol: The Athletes.  They offered a homeschool class on printmaking, so we went down for the afternoon and tried it out!
 We started out with some time in the exhibit.  I was glad to find that the kids (Jack, especially) remembered some things about Andy Warhol since we had studied him before and listened to his nephew talk about him, too.

 Then we went back to the studio, where each kid had their own screen to try screenprinting.

 I was excited about this, because it's a project I had wanted to try, but I wasn't sure how to go about doing it at home without spending a ton of time and money.

Their finished prints!  This class was a lot of fun, so we'll definitely be watching the upcoming fall class schedule to see what other classes we can try!

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Rachel said...

This is so cool! I know my kids would have enjoyed it. Let me know if you notice any more good ones and you plan to go. If we can, we'll try to join you!