Monday, January 19, 2015

Weekly Wrap Up (1/17)

 I didn't take a ton of pictures last week, but here are a few of the fun we had!  Monday we made dog treats for Hobo.

 He liked them!

 Boris is still loving the beanbag Santa brought for Alice.  He loves it so much that he will not let the fact that someone is already on it deter him from getting a cozy spot.

 I found Alice a shirt that matches her glasses!

 The kids made Great-Gran a tied fleece blanket and we took it to her new apartment.

 On Thursday night we went to hear James Warhola speak at Philbrook.  He is an artist and Andy Warhol's nephew and he wrote two books that we used in our Andy Warhol artist study.

 He was a really good speaker--and he did great signatures in the kids' books!

There was also swimming, movies (Paddington), and a house showing thrown in the week, but I don't have any pictures of those.  Hopefully this week I will remember the camera!

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