Monday, January 12, 2015

Smell With Your Tongue

 Friday morning we left bright and early for zoo class in Oklahoma City.  It was a little chilly!

 We were supposed to have it the week before, but it had been rescheduled because of weather.  We weren't going to be able to make it originally because of a showing, so I was glad it all worked out!

 Jack went to a class called Dinners and Diners on predators and prey and Alice went to a class on the five senses called Smell With Your Tongue.  She got to pet a chinchilla!

 They did a neat activity where they had string attached to a metal hanger.  They held the strings up by their ears and then hit the hanger against something metal so they could feel the sound.

 Using the feely box!

They also got to see an armadillo!  They colored the little bunnies with scented markers and he loved them!

Now that we're back into the normal swing of things I am going to try to get back to weekly posts!

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