Sunday, January 4, 2015

The Memory Jar

 One of my favorite things from our New Year's Eve celebration this year was going through our memory jar.  All year we've been putting ticket stubs, wrist bands, programs, and other memorabilia in a jar when we get home and on New Year's Eve we dumped it all out and went through it.
We had tickets from our very first road trip of the year (to Enid on January 3), activity passports from our San Antonio trip, a program from the time we met Jack Gantos, and candles from the day we spent at the George Washington Carver National Monument--as well as a bunch of other stuff!  I especially liked this because if you were to ask me what I remembered about the year I would immediately think of trying to pack and get the house ready (and keep it clean), but we really have had a lot of good times over the last year!

I'll have some other New Year's posts up soon to share all the fun we had!

Happy 2015!

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