Saturday, August 23, 2014

Jack Gantos

 Last night we went to hear Jack Gantos speak at the library.  He's a Newbery-winning author who has written a lot of books, including the Rotten Ralph books, which were a favorite with my kids--especially with Jack.

 He was a great speaker!

 This is his childhood bedroom, which, he pointed out, looked like it belonged to a 90 year old nun.
 We writes every day at the public library.  (These are the doors.)

 He talked a bit about the process he goes through when writing a book and even showed some of his notebooks.

 He also showed how he goes about setting up a picture book.

 During the Q & A time, Jack asked about his next book.

 We got a pretty good spot in line to have our books signed.  Jack had his old copy of Rotten Ralph and he got a special cat drawing in it.

 Alice wasn't too sure about getting very close.

I think she enjoyed it, though.  We've already read all the Rotten Ralph books we brought home today!

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