Sunday, August 3, 2014

Camp Week!

 Last Monday we left for a week in Oklahoma City for the kids to go to zoo camp.  We didn't leave bright and early, but we got there in good time.

 We started at the Sam.

 We got to ride in the best elevator!

 Next we headed over to the playground and skate park to play a while.

 Cooling off at the splash pad!

 While we were downtown we saw the James Garner statue.

 After grocery shopping (I had to pack their lunches for camp each day), we checked in to the hotel and went swimming.

 Tuesday was the first day of camp!

 While the kids were in class, I went to the Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum.
 This is a beautiful place.  If you've never been before, I wouldn't take your kids into the museum without seeing it first for yourself, though.

 After I picked the kids up, we went to Frontier City.  Alice started on the tea cups.

 Ready for the raft ride!

 In the ferris wheel

 They have a large water area now.

 Happy girl!

 Jack went on a ton of spinning rides and didn't feel very good by the time we left!

 He's somewhere on that loop!

 Alice was willing to try a lot of things, but she wasn't tall enough for some rides and some would have required me to ride with her, and that wasn't going to happen.  She did get to ride the Steel Lasso, though, and she loved it!

 She also loved this ball pit.  I think she would have stayed in there all night!

Wednesday was crazy rainy, so after camp we went to Andy Alligator's for half price games.  We came back with some real treasures.  That evening we went to see Earth to Echo, which we all liked.  

More on the rest of the week soon!

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