Monday, August 18, 2014

Alice's First Dance Class

 Alice's first dance class was today, so last week we went to the dance store and got shoes and tights and leotards.  When she was trying on her shoes, she told me, "This is the most excited I have ever been in my whole wide life!"  She also said she would try to stay calm until class started.

 She also picked out this bag, which she is very excited to carry.  She starts class in her tap shoes and then halfway through she changes to her ballet shoes.

 Ready to start!

 Hanging up her bag--these look kind of stalkerish and some were taken through the window, but I don't feel too crazy since most of the other moms were doing the same thing.

She told me her favorite part of class was the dancing, so I guess that means it was a success!  She has three programs and a big recital at the end and she is already looking forward to dancing on the big stage!

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