Thursday, August 21, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Not Back to School

 I love this picture from Jack's kindergarten year.  It was taken on the day that our district was starting classes and I was just so thankful that I didn't have to deal with getting a child to school on time while taking care of a baby while my husband was out of town.

 This time around there's no baby, but I'm still so glad I don't have to go by the public school schedule.  We were having some of our floors fixed this morning, so late last night we started moving everything from Jack's room into Alice's room--and the hall, and the bathroom, and the guy room...pretty much anywhere we could cram it.  The kids were delighted.

 By 8:30 this morning, this is how things looked.   We also had to removed everything from our bedroom, so pretty much the entire upstairs was crazy, and it spilled downstairs, too.

Since we usually try to have some Not Back to School fun on public school's first day (see here and here and here), we did go out for some lunch after the flooring people left.  We'll start back after Labor Day--and hopefully I'll be ready for it!

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Brandy Taylor said...

Mmmmmmmm......lunch at that good pizza place!!!!