Thursday, August 22, 2013

Not Back to School 2013

 I've posted before about how we try to do something special on the day the public school kids go back to class.  This year we ended up taking a little trip to Oklahoma City.  We left yesterday morning.

 Our first stop was the Science Museum.  It wasn't very busy at all since all the area schools are back in session.

 Jack was excited to see the giant chessboard.

 Alice twirled herself almost the entire time Jack was playing chess!

 Later we met friends at the Children's Garden and Thunder Fountain.

 Jay came down at dinner time and surprised the kids.

 I was glad he got to see Alice do this!  A week ago she just started swimming--no lessons, no instruction of any sort.  I thought she was walking around on her hands in the pool and then I realized she was swimming around.  She is like a fish now!

 Jack loved this water explosion thing.

 I love this picture.  And this boy.

 Our room had a view of the baseball field, but thankfully there wasn't a game.  I think it would have felt like I was trying to sleep in oncoming traffic with those huge lights!

 Jay left this morning before 6:00 and the kids and I spent a couple more hours in the pool.  I made sure to tell them at 9:00 to be glad they didn't have to go back to school today!

 We spent the afternoon at the zoo.  We tried out the new Stingray Bay exhibit.

 Alice wasn't really in to touching the animals, but she loved watching the sea lions.

We had a great trip, but we were hot and tired and ready to come home this evening!

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Rachel said...

I need to get to the science museum with the kids soon! The pool looks like fun! How cool that your dh surprised the kids too!